Our New Process


         We are so excited to now be offering delivery! We have decided to be our own delivery drivers for multiple reasons versus using a 3rd party delivery company. This way, we can put more of our people back to work, while also ensuring their health through daily screenings. We hope this also puts you at ease knowing your food is being delivered with the utmost care.

         We are opting to decline using outside delivery companies because we do not feel safe giving your order to a driver without knowing what sanitation measures they are practicing every time they are at a restaurant, in their cars or if they are isolating at home as well. Those companies also take a major cut of our bottom line, up to 30%, which at a time like this, we cannot lose.

         We are sincerely hoping for a bit of understanding from you, our customer, with this new endeavor and delivery process. We are doing our very best to put people back to work and bring you a product that is up to our standards all while practicing strict health and sanitation protocols.

Ordering Process

We have compiled our best dishes and drinks from all 4 restaurants to bring you the full Seven Hills Hospitality Group menu! It represents each of our brands while holding firm to one of our biggest goals – Quality. While a lot of your favorites may not be available in this time, it is because we know that these are items that will not travel well in a to-go format. As Chefs, we design food for the moment, to be experienced alongside a myriad of other senses and external forces that compliment and create an overall feeling. We lose a lot of that in a to-go box. Therefore, while you may miss some old favorites, you will see new items designed to delight in your own home!

        Our new operating hours for this one cohesive menu will be: Tuesday-Saturday 5:00-9:00pm. We will be accepting orders during this time through our online ordering system or by calling 850-354-8277. [Please keep in mind we will not be accepting pre-orders outside of our operating hours via online, phone or social media messaging.]

         PICKUP for ALL orders will be at Liberty Bar & Restaurant. [1307 N. Monroe Street] Once you arrive, you will see a large chalkboard asking you to text us your Name, Car Make and Color and ‘Here’ and then we will be right out as soon as your order is ready!

Health & Safety

Our team begins each shift with a health screening including temperatures, and a questionnaire about any interactions they may have had outside of work. Even the faintest suggestion of illness results in the staff member heading home to get better. 

         We are going cashless. In order to maintain distance and avoid contamination, we are asking customers to use pre-payment over the phone or on the online ordering system. 

         We are using no contact curbside pick. We will bring the food out to you on a sanitized cart. From there, we will step back and allow you to grab your order off the cart and we can sanitize it again to protect ourselves and future customers.

         Contact Free Delivery will also be a new part of our system. We have single use boxes that we will deliver your items in. These items will be placed at your doorstep for you to grab. We will step back and wait to verify the order and then be on our way to the next stop.

         We have committed to protecting ourselves as a team and family, and to keep you safe while doing what we love. In this time, we hope to bring comfort in this stressful time of uncertainty that our community will come back strong.  This will be a time of ever-changing details and procedures and we hope to rise to the occasion while we wait for the storm to pass. We hope to serve you soon.