Pantry & Provisions

Starting Thursday May 7th, we will begin selling Pantry & Provision items for DELIVERY/CURBSIDE during regular business hours Tue-Sat 4pm-9pm

Due to demand and many requests we have decided to make certain items from our “Pantry Box” available for delivery or curbside pickup during regular business hours. We’ve replaced our previous “Pantry Box” ordering with a more flexible and convenient way to purchase. We’re thrilled to bring you handmade provisions, fresh ingredients, and essential pantry items straight to your home through our new à la carte system.
In these times of social distancing, the single highest source of contact is at the grocery store. For those not wanting to expose themselves to the public just yet, or fight for the necessities, we hope this service will provide most of the essentials and cut down on trips. These staples should help provide several meals for the family.


Pantry & Provision items can be purchased through our website every Tuesday-Saturday 4pm-9pm.
This new system of ordering will allow you to pick and choose what you need from our items list without a commitment of purchasing an entire box. Now you can order any items you need along with your dinner order from all of our restaurants!

Delivery & Pickup

We will be accepting orders during this time through our online ordering system or by calling 850-354-8277. [Please keep in mind we will not be accepting pre-orders outside of our operating hours via online, phone or social media messaging.]

PICKUP for ALL orders will be at Liberty Bar & Restaurant. [1307 N. Monroe Street] Once you arrive, you will see a large chalkboard asking you to text us your Name, Car Make and Color and ‘Here’ and then we will be right out as soon as your order is ready!

Our delivery zones include most of Tallahassee within Capital Circle plus many neighborhoods from Meridian to Bradford and Buck Lake to Southwood.


Please email with any questions or concerns.