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Dealing with COVID-19

After taking nearly 3 weeks off in order to regroup, regain sanity, and to survey the new landscape, the members of Seven Hills have decided to reopen in a new form. In response to this new scourge, we have quarantined as a staff and feel confident that we have a system for serving the community while also keeping ourselves and you safe. We have studied the processes put in place by countries that have flattened the curve. Our confidence in this process, we are ready to begin serving our guests once again. We have built an online ordering platform where all our best work can be purchased. This platform will allow for streamlined payment, curbside pickup, or delivery.

Please read more about our new process HERE and check out our new menus HERE.

You can also call us at 850-354-8277 to place your order for DELIVERY/PICKUP, Tue-Sat 4pm-9pm.

El Cocinero is a celebration of technique, flavors, and passion.
We draw our inspiration from authentic technique and flavor, but our goal is not to be authentic. It is to pay homage to tradition and to find a new voice in this wonderful cuisine. To draw from the local community and present it in a new way. Our corn is local, heirloom, non-GMO corn that has been cultivated for thousands of years. Our masa is ground every day from this corn and our tortillas are made by hand. We all hope you enjoy this food and drink as we share the journey it has made with you.